GreenMail Inc unique on-line technology let’s you build and schedule email marketing campaigns with the click of a button. Our easy to use email marketing campaign management tools we help you to build and manage your own, powerful prospect and customer database. A database of self-subscribed, targeted users who have given you permission to market to them and who opted in to learn more about your products and services.

Our “Opt-Out” Process
A generic or customized sign-up web page is linked to your web site so that visitors to your site can “opt-in” to receive email communication from you. Email subscribers receive your latest e-news issue instantly, also confirming their signup.

Each e-mail includes an “opt-out” link to allow recipients to remove themselves from the list – preventing anyone from being subscribed without their permission. Opt-out management is fundamental to our permission-based approach.

Intelligent Technology
GreenMail Inc unique technology let’s you send thousands of targeted graphical HTML emails in a matter of minutes. It transforms your sales staff of one or a few into dozens or hundreds, each saying the exact same message – to the letter – to each and every potential customer and any campaign. And, when it’s time to send rich, streaming media emails with a small marketing team of just one or a handful, GreenMail Inc staff members goes to work for you, extending your staff and your intelligence across your target market.

Further, since GreenMail Inc is a web-based solution, there’s no software for you to install or upgrade. Our service is platform independent so it doesn’t matter whether you use Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux or any other platform. To put it another way, you simply don’t need an IT Department to use our solution!

Campaign Ready Technology
GreenMail Inc powerful technology allows you to send emails frequently and effectively with little effort. It’s easy to watch your market share grow and your online relationships become tangible real-life contacts with our extensive reporting tools. Begin to gauge trends and adapt to your target demographics needs and utilize this data to further your bottom line.

If you have data coming from multiple entry points (sign-up forms, various department databases, etc.), it’s easy to have hundreds of duplicate records in your database. This leads to campaigns filled with multiple emails to individuals, a nuisance often associated with spam. GreenMail Inc system cleans your data and ensures that each email address receives only one message.

Additionally, you can include links in your email messages to encourage recipients to visit targeted web pages. And our track-able URL feature tells you not only how many recipients click on each link, but who they are. The result is more effective campaign management and faster, more effective follow-up. And that translates into an improved bottom line!

Any email message that does not have a valid email address in the reply-to line is spam.

Any email message that contains any false or misleading information is spam.

Any email message that promotes an adult web site is spam, unless the recipient has specifically requested information from that web site.

Any message that is sent to e-mail addresses that have been harvested off of web sites, newsgroups, or other areas of the Internet is spam.

If you have any questions about GreenMail Inc Anti-Spam Policy, please contact us at 515.288.6245 or Email at