When seeking out a new platform for your brand or organization’s email marketing, you want a service that is easy-to-use, cost efficient and will assist you in reaching your audience. For those looking for an email marketing platform, whether they’re seasoned marketing professionals or beginners looking to promote their business, the search for the right service may seem overwhelming.

Many email marketing providers claim to provide certain services, but that’s only for customers willing to pay for those features. With GreenMail Inc.’s platform, all features are free, up to 100 members or 500 email sends per month.

Email Studio: Drag and Drop email editing system. Supports responsive emails

Emojis Support: Emojis support from Subject and Preheader.Search for Emojis with keywords and image descriptions

Custom Fields for Forms:  Custom fields for creating drop down menus and radio buttons

Member Activity Report: A complete detailed log of email member Engagement, Sending and Subscription activity. Replaces the Member Report.

Auto-Post to Social Media: Automatically post to FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn when scheduling a campaign. Reporting on Likes, Shares, Retweets… etc.

Automated Campaigns: Schedule emails in advance by selecting the date and time of launch. Split A/B Testing, RSS to Email, Recurring Email Sends, Auto Responders

Features of the GreenMail Inc. Email Marketing Platform

Dashboard Designed For You

Users can create an unlimited number of custom fields, and there’s no limit to the amount of customer segments you can create in your account.  Custom fields can be used to store additional subscriber information, such as  subscriber address or country. This type of information allows the sender to create more personalized and relevant emails for their subscribers.


Other email marketing services, like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, limit the number of custom fields than an email campaign can have. The metrics that matters to one organization may not align with your organization’s goals, so why should you look at the same thing?
You don’t want your email to look like any other in your subscriber’s inbox. You also need to ensure it matches your brand’s standards. GreenMail let’s you choose from over 450 templates. If you have unique needs,  one of our designers create a custom email template for you.

GreenMail Email Marketing Dashboard

Unparalleled Customer Service

Have you found that the only way you can get ahold of an email marketing platform’s customer service is through social media accounts or submitting a ticket? At GreenMail Inc., there’s a person behind every phone call or customer service request. If a person is having a problem with their account, they can call GreenMail Inc. to work through it with a member of the GreenMail team. If you’re short on time but need to get you email campaign sent to subscribers, GreenMail Inc. can handle the campaign management for you.

Real-Time Reporting

dashboard2aIt’s critical to email marketing success that the sender track and analyzes the success of their efforts. Monitoring efforts is a breeze with GreenMail Inc.’s email marketing services. Users can analyze their campaigns in real-time to see how their subscribers are engaging with their content, using metrics like click-through-rate and opens. To gain a better understand if your users are acting on your emails, our platform allows for Google Analytics integration.
If you notice bounce rates or unusual metrics pulling through from a specific subscriber you can easily run a member report. A member report looks at when the subscriber signed up, which emails they were sent and which they opened to what links the subscriber clicked. A sender is able to download a full year’s worth of data that can saved in a PDF that can be used for reporting.

Social Media Integration

Today’s world is social, and your audience needs to be able to connect with you in multiple ways. Not only can your subscribers link to your social media channels from the social icons in your newsletter, but our platform allows for them to share the newsletter directly on their personal social media channels.

Different Types of Email Campaigns

Did you know there are different types of email campaigns you could be trying? if you’re not sure if subscribers are intrigued by your email subject lines, try testing them. Our subject line A/B testing feature allows you to discover what resonates with your audience. For example, if you’re curious what words or phrases leads to more email opens, you can segment your list into two groups and send the groups different subject lines. From there, you can look at which segment had higher metrics.
Drip campaigns, which is an email marketing strategy where emails are automatically sent on a schedule, is one of the campaign types in our platform. These emails can be triggered after someone signs up for a newsletter or makes a purchase.

View on Multiple Devices

It’s important to keep in mind that your email’s recipients are not all viewing your email campaign with the same device. What does your email look like in Google Chrome? What about Mozilla Firefox? Don’t forget about iPhones, Androids or Samsung devices. With our service, you’re able to see what your email looks like across hundreds of devices, browsers and inboxes.

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